My name is Ron Lawrence, my amateur call sign is W4RON.
I've had my "RON" call since the fall of 2007 and I love it. I get a lot of great comments about it.
I was first licensed as KC4YOY, which was OK, everyone knew my by the YOY, "why oh why"...
But I had always wanted a "W" call.
When I first got on-line in 1995 I soon discovered With the vanity call sign program I started looking up calls I might like to have. I thought it would be really neat to have a call with my name in it.
I found that W4RON was taken, told me that the owner was an older gentleman that lived in Georgia. So about once a year I'd check QRZ to see if there was any change to the calls status. QRZ also told me that it would expire in 2005.
2005 came and went and W4RON didn't get renewed. I still don't know if it expired or the owner did...
According to the vanity call sign rules a call has to be inactive for 2 years before it can be reassigned.
I applied on-line right after midnight on the day it was available. When I found out I had gotten it I felt like I had won the lottery.

Just recently I was tuning around on 40 meters listening to all the noise when I heard,
"CQ, CQ 40 meters, this is W2RON"
I told myself I just have to try to work him. After a short QSO I checked QRZ, got his address and mailed him one of my new W4RON qsl cards. And the card I received from him is below in the QSL gallery.
I got to thinking wouldn't it be fun to see how many other RONs I could contact.
I got the idea for this web page as a place to start. Below you'll find a GuestBook, please sign it, fill in the requested information including what bands and freqs you operate so other RONs may try to find you.
If you work another RON sign the GuestBook and tell us about it.
If you have a RON qsl card, send me a scan of it and I'll start a QSL gallery.
Even if we can't have a QSO, I'd still like to exchange RON qsl cards with you if you're interested.

73, Ron w4ron
CQ, CQ all RON hams
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This page was last updated: March 15, 2010
My first "RON" QSL card
Worked K9RON on 3-14-2010
on 75 meters.
This call is now inactive, the owner changed it to K4SA.
He applied for W4RON the same time I did.